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Flexible and Innovative Foam Solutions

As a critical link between raw material suppliers and OEMs, Atlas Foam Products has 50 years of experience delivering flexible and innovative foam solutions. We have partnered with companies in numerous industries and markets to provide military foam packing, finished foam packaging, custom foam sheet products, assemblies, and components for almost any application imaginable.

We have developed a reputation as one of the leading foam fabricators in the industry. Our winning combination of decades of experience, design and engineering expertise, extensive inventory of foam material, advanced in-house manufacturing and fabrication capabilities, and commitment to quality allows us to deliver foam solutions no matter the size or complexity of the project. Regardless of the industry, market, or application, we approach every project with one goal—achieving a cost-efficient and high-quality foam solution that either meets or exceeds all quality and use requirements on time and on budget.

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Target Markets

As a custom foam sheet supplier and fabricator, we have experience serving companies across a broad range of industries and markets.

The following are some of the target markets we have served:

Industry or MarketCommon Foam Material TypesCommon Applications, Products, Components, and Packaging Solutions
AutomotivePolyurethane, Rubber, PolyethyleneCar seats, air and fluid filtration, gaskets, shock, sound, vibration dampening
Construction & BuildingEPS, Polyethylene, Polyurethane EsterPanels, insulation, sound dampening, void fill
ElectronicsPolyurethane, PolyethyleneAnti-static case and packaging inserts, insulation,
EntertainmentEthafoam, Ethylene rods, Crosslinked PE, Reticulated PU, EPS, PolyurethaneProps, costume design, parade floats, set design, promotional inserts
IndustrialPolyethylene, Polyurethane, Reticulated PU, RubberFiltration, seals, gaskets, insulation, vibration dampening, seating, cushioning, equipment and machinery foam components
MarinePolyethylene, EPS, Reticulated PU, Crosslinked PESeals, insulation, lightweight panels, cushions, fluid filters, vibration dampening, and pads
MedicalPolyethylene, polyurethane, Crosslinked PE, Reticulated PUInserts for medical and pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices, filtration, bedding and seat cushioning
Military & AerospacePolyethylene Ethafoam, Polyurethane EsterMilitary foam components, insulation, sound dampening, vibration and shock absorption, case inserts
PackagingPolyethylene, Polyurethane, EPS, Reticulated PU, Crosslinked PECustom foam packaging for most applications

Foam Fabrication and Manufacturing Capabilities

Atlas Foam Products has a diverse range of foam fabrication services and manufacturing capabilities to serve as a critical link between raw foam material suppliers and OEMs. We offer the following foam fabrication and manufacturing capabilities to serve a wide variety of industries and markets including custom foam sheet, and military foam packaging and custom foam for the entertainment industry in California among others.

  • Custom Die Cutting
  • Skiving Cutting
  • Bandsaw Cutting
  • Convoluted Cutting
  • Hot-wire Cutting and Forming
  • Flocking
  • Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Assembly
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Free Consultation with a Foam Expert

Consult with our engineering staff and design production personnel on any and all cushioning questions. Our experts can help you determine the proper size, and density of material with the most economical production methods.

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5 stars

They developed a simple yet sophisticated foam packaging for my product, which has a complex shape. They will provide great quality packaging solutions for your products.

-Ifat Glassman

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