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Military/Aerospace Foam Suppliers

Military, defense, and aerospace manufacturers have trusted Atlas Foam Products for over 50 years with delivering innovative and proven solutions for these highly regulated and challenging markets. As a leading custom military and aerospace foam fabricator, we provide foam packaging, products, components, and assemblies in California and throughout the United States. Our military and aerospace fire retardant foam solutions provide numerous advantages over other foam materials, including lightweight, superior durability, ease of fabrication and finish, and lower cost of ownership.

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Military / Aerospace Foam Fabrication
Aerospace Foam Supplier


The practice of lightweighting aircrafts has driven aerospace manufacturers to turn to foam products to enhance fuel efficiency while delivering high levels of performance, quality, and cost-savings. At Atlas Foam Products, we design and manufacture aerospace foam products and components that ensure safety, comfort, and performance. Utilizing lightweight, yet durable and strong, foam materials for aerospace applications help reduce the weight of the aircrafts while increasing fuel efficiency.

We use versatile aerospace-grade polyurethane foams to create flexible foam products and component used in aircraft interiors, including the flight deck and cabins. We have the experience and expertise to design and manufacture foam solutions that play a critical role within the aerospace industry, including:

  • seats
  • flight deck pads
  • cabin interiors and walls
  • galleys
  • insulation
  • seals
  • gaskets
  • and safety components to name a few

We use advanced foam materials that satisfy or exceed the physical properties and flammability requirements necessary for aerospace applications.

Military and Defense

Atlas Foam Products has experience developing foam packaging and products with proven results in military and defense applications. In fact, we are a leading military grade foam packaging supplier in California. Also, we work closely with military and defense manufacturers and contractors to deliver protective foam cases and foam inserts. Our protective packaging expertise and precision fabricating capabilities allows us to provide foam case inserts that have been tested to meet military specifications for defense, military, and security applications.

Besides military grade protective packaging and foam cases and inserts, we have experience designing and manufacturing an array of foam solutions for military and defense applications, including:

  • transportation and blast protection
  • insulation
  • construction
  • tool control
  • vehicle seating
  • and many more

We stock advanced foam materials, including polyethylene Ethafoam® and polyurethane Ester foams that meet the rigorous demands and stringent requirements for use in military and defense applications. As a MIL-P-26514 foam packaging supplier, we stock and have access to numerous military-grade polyurethane foams and polyethylene foam that meet various specifications, including A-A-59135, A A 59136 and PPP-C-1752.

Defense Foam Manufacturer

Foam Materials for Military and Aerospace Applications

Atlas Foam Products stocks numerous grades and densities of military and aerospace grade foam materials that meet the harsh and exact demands of both military and aerospace applications. We can help you select the exact foam material to develop the perfect military or aerospace foam solution.


Polyethylene Ethafoam

We stock polyethylene Ethafoam® that offers lightweight, durable, and dependable foam solutions to the military, defense, and aerospace industries. Ethafoam is specially formulated to contain flame-retardant additives to meet requirements for use in commercial aircrafts.

  • Meets Federal Standard FAR 25.853 (a) and Airbus Directives ABD 0031 requirements for use in commercial aircraft interior compartment components
  • Meets A-A-59135 specifications
  • Meets A-A 59136 specifications
  • Meets PPP-C-1752 specifications
  • Available in anti-stat and fire-retardant options
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Polyurethane Foams

We stock various flame-retardant polyurethane foams that are ideal for military, defense, and aerospace applications. For example, polyester foam is ideal for such applications, because it meets flame and performance requirements and offers excellent sound absorbing, shock and vibration dampening, insulation, and thermal stability.

  • Meets MIL-P-26514 specifications
  • Meets MIL-PRF-26514G, Type 1, Class 2, Grade C specifications
  • Meets FR Test UL 94 HF-1 specifications
  • Offered in 2# density

We also offer Pyrell® which is an intumescent sound-absorbing and fire-retardant foam material that forms a protective shield between the flame and foam underneath.

  • Meets AMS 3507E, Type 1 specifications
  • Offered in 2# density
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They developed a simple yet sophisticated foam packaging for my product, which has a complex shape. They will provide great quality packaging solutions for your products.

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