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Foam Product Solutions

Foam is an extremely versatile material that has almost endless applications. Because of its combination of desirable physical and material properties, foam materials are used to create both consumer and industrial products. The foam composition and cell structure help determine its density and performance characteristics. There are numerous factors that must be considered when selecting a particular foam material for a specific application or industry, including weight, firmness, flexibility, durability, compressibility, and resiliency.

With over five decades of experience, Atlas Foam Products specializes in designing, fabricating, and manufacturing custom foam for a variety of applications and industries. By combining our access to and inventory of standard and specialty foam materials, design expertise, and knowledge, we have become the leaders in innovative foam packaging, components, and products.

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Application Specialty

While we have experience designing unique solutions for a wide range of applications, we specialize in the following applications.

  • Protective Case Inserts
  • Custom Packaging
  • Cushioning and Comfort
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Tool Control
  • Seals and Gaskets
  • Consumer Products
  • Filtration and Fluid Management
  • Support, Safety, and Protection
  • Sound Absorption and Vibration Dampening
  • Structural Support and Construction

Foam Fabrication and Manufacturing Capabilities

Atlas Foam Products has a diverse range of foam fabrication services and manufacturing capabilities to serve as a critical link between raw foam material suppliers and OEMs. We have foam expertise, engineering knowledge, and the manufacturing equipment to create foam packaging and products to meet your unique needs and specific application and industry requirements.

We Offer the Following Foam Fabrication and Manufacturing Capabilities:

Custom Die Cutting

Die cutting is a stamping technique of foam parts using steel-ruled tools or “dies.” Using the punch press, we can cut foam in custom sizes and shapes and configured in any two-dimensional shapes. This versatile and reliable cutting technique allows us to achieve consistent and high-quality results quickly and affordably. As a custom die cut foam supplier, we can die cut foam parts and products from both open-cell and closed-cell foam materials for a wide range of applications and industries, including case inserts, packaging material, and gaskets and seals.

Skiving Cutting

Skiving cutting is used for horizontally cutting thick large foam bus and sheets into a thinner foam sheet. We can precisely cut or slice any foam material type into any customer-specified sheet thickness and industry-standard tolerances. This process is ideal for such applications as foam sheets, gaskets, and packaging.

Bandsaw Cutting

Bandsaw cutting is a frequently used fabrication technique to custom cut foam sheets or blocks into various sizes and shapes. We offer both vertical and horizontal bandsaw cutting capabilities that allows us to precisely cut and shape a wide range of foam materials in various densities and thicknesses.

Convoluted Cutting

Similar to skiving cutting, convoluted cutting is a process that cuts foam sheets with peaks and valleys. We can create egg crate convoluted foam using various foam materials for different applications, including packaging, sound-insulation, vibration-dampening, and more.

Hot-wire Cutting and Forming

Hot-wire cutting and forming is a popular method for carving complex shapes and designs. As the cutting wire passes through the material to be cut, the heat generated from the wire will evaporate the material prior to contact. The process provides precision and consistent cuts without the use of a blade.


We can add flocking to your foam to provide an enhanced aesthetic appeal and visual appearance. This velvet appearance is desirable for display applications and often used to packaging to highlight an item or to make a favorable impression.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Assembly

We can apply a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing to foam that ensure a strong bond between foam layers and materials. Utilizing a rubber-based adhesive that is designed for general purposes, the material offers greater protective qualities.

Free Consultation with a Foam Expert

Consult with our engineering staff and design production personnel on any and all cushioning questions. Our experts can help you determine the proper size, and density of material with the most economical production methods.

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They developed a simple yet sophisticated foam packaging for my product, which has a complex shape. They will provide great quality packaging solutions for your products.

-Ifat Glassman

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