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Anti-Static, Conductive, Flame Retardent & Rebond

Specialty foam materials, such as anti-static, conductive, and fire-retardant, solve very specific problems. Atlas Foam Products provides and fabricates foam parts and components using various specialty foam materials. As a cross-linked conductive foam packaging supplier, we have the expertise, technology, and understanding to help you select the right foam material type that best suits a specific purpose and then fabricate the ideal solution for your application requirements and needs.

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Anti-Static Foam Packaging Supplier 

Anti-static foam is a high-performing cushioning foam that offers ample padding and protection while exhibiting non-static properties. Its unique properties help the foam material control, dissipate, and prevent static build up from various neighboring sources. These characteristics make this foam material the ideal solution for packaging sensitive electronic components and devices, including computer chips and cards, circuit boards, resistors, and more. Enhanced by an anti-static agent and dyed pink for easy identification, anti-static foam is a reliable and affordable solution for transporting and protecting items.

Anti-Static Foam Options

As a top anti-static & conductive foam packaging supplier in southern California, we offer numerous anti-static foam material options to meet your exact packaging, shipping, or storing needs.

Ethafoam AS

  • Closed-cell, pink, medium-density polyethylene foam material
  • Available in 2.2# density and standard sheet sizes of 48” wide by 108” long
  • Available in 4# density as a special order
  • Formulated with anti-static properties to safely protect sensitive electronics during packaging, shipment, and storage
  • Provides excellent dimensional stability and recovery
  • Outstanding cushioning protection
  • Meets FMVSS 302 requirements (flammability testing)

Stratocell AS

  • Lightweight, pink, closed-cell polyethylene foam material
  • Available in 1.7# density and standard sheet sizes of 48” wide by 108” long
  • Excellent strength-to-weight ratio means it does not add weight to shipment or packaging
  • Superior cushioning protection

Anti-static Urethane

  • Open-cell, pink, soft polyurethane ether foam
  • Available in 1.2# density and standard sheet sizes of 49” wide by 84” long
  • Available in 1.4# density and 80 ILD as a special order
  • Non-contaminating, non-corrosive, and non-shedding

Conductive Foam Packaging Supplier

Conductive foam material is similar to anti-static foam; however, it offers the highest level of electrical protection of any foam material. Electrically conductive foams offer effective EMI shielding, low surface resistivity for optimal grounding and coupling performance, excellent shock absorption and vibration dampening, and good thermal conductivity. This makes this foam type the perfect solution for filling gaps with a soft and compressible foam material while offering a quicker transfer of any static charge to a grounding source or adjacent conductive material. Finally, conductive foam provides superior dust sealing capabilities that prevents dust and contaminants from entering.

Conductive Foam Options

As a top conductive foam packaging supplier in southern California, we offer high-quality electrically conductive foam for shielding, grounding, and sealing applications. We can fabricate conductive foam into aesthetically pleasing packaging for sensitive electronic and medical devices and equipment, athletic padding and support, gaskets, and much more.

Conductive Cross-linked Foam L300

  • Finer, uniform, closed-cell polyethylene foam with an aesthetically pleasing and smooth finish
  • Available in 3# density and standard sheet sizes of 35” wide by 71” long
  • Complies with EIA-541 guidelines for functional electrostatic dissipative foam materials
  • Engineered and filled with conductive carbon for optimal ESD control
  • Non-contaminating, non-corrosive, and non-shedding
  • Excellent chemical, water, and abrasion resistance

Conductive Polyether Foam

  • As a special order, we can provide open-cell, 1.2# conductive polyurethane foam

Flame-Retardant Foam

Flame-retardant foams are treated with special chemicals and additives so that the foam material is either slow burning or self-extinguishing when exposed to open flames.

Flame-Retardant Foam Options

As a top flame-retardant foam packaging supplier in southern California, we offer high-quality fire-retardant foam for applications that must meet strict fire code standards. This specialty foam material helps slow or stop the spread of flames or helps reduce its intensity. Applications include aerospace and aviation, automotive, mass transit, construction, furniture, electronics, insulation, and many more.

Ethafoam 4101 FR

  • Closed-cell, medium-density polyethylene foam
  • Available in 2.2# density and standard sheet sizes of 24” wide by 108” long
  • Strong and resilient
  • Ideal for interior compartment components in aircrafts, such as seating
  • Specifically formulated to meet commercial airline requirements, it contains flame-retardant additives designed to meet the U.S. Federal Standard FAR 25.853 (a) and Airbus Directives ABD0031 for commercial aircraft interior compartment components.

Polyurthane FR

  • Open-cell, soft, flexible polyurethane ester foam material
  • Available in 2# density, and standard sheet sizes of 54” wide to 72” long
  • MIL-PRF-26514G, Type 1, Cl 2, Grade C
  • UL-94HF1

Pyrell FR (Special Order)

  • Intumescent sound-absorbing and fire-retardant foam material that forms a protective shield between the flame and foam underneath
  • Open-cell, soft, flexible polyurethane ester foam material
  • Available in 2# density and standard sheet sizes of 54” wide by 72” long
  • Meets AMS 3570E, Type 1 requirements
  • Meets UL 94 HF-1 requirements

Rebond Foam

Rebond foam is made from recycled shredded foam of multiple densities that is then rebonded together with an adhesive under mechanical pressure. The result is a new block foam material of consistent high-density that provides a firm, solid support base and excellent compressibility while holding its original form. Rebond foam is a popular choice for a diverse range of applications, because it offers numerous desirable qualities, including resiliency, durability, lightweight, sound and shock absorption, mildew-resistance, and can withstand high-impact usage.

While our rebond foam comes in standard sheet sizes of 36” width by 72” length, we can cut it into desired width and length.


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Each order is individually quoted. Give us a call at 818-837-3626 or fill out a Quote Request Form with your project specifications for material, quantity, size, color, density, and any other requirements.

Repeat Orders

Atlas Foam will store all dies and production equipment. Dies remain the property of the customer, until called for. A purchase order or other authorization is sufficient for repeat orders.

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Our Capabilities and Services

As a top specialty foam packaging provider in California for over 50 years, Atlas Foam Products can design, fabricate, and produce a wide variety of products using specialty foam materials, including anti-static, conductive, flame-retardant, and rebond foam. We can help you pick the right specialty foam material and manufacture custom-shaped and molded foam products with precision fit and performance to meet your exact specifications and application requirements.

We offer the following capabilities and services:

  • Bond multiple or additional foam pieces for custom sizes
  • Combine different types of foams, each varying in size, shape, and density
  • Laminate or bond foam to secondary and customer-provided material for added functionality
  • Hand fabricate to customer specifications
  • Precision die cutting, shaping, and slitting
  • Apply a pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing to foam that ensure a strong bond between foam layers and materials

Atlas Foam Products has the knowledge, expertise, experience, and technology to guide you to the best foam solution while meeting the needs of any project or product specification. Contact one of the foam experts at Atlas Foam Products to learn more about our products and services or to request a sample of our specialty foam materials.

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